Jennifer Mikacich is a performer, writer and producer.

Jennifer Hagedorn is her maiden name but she finally changed it to Mikacich because when she called to hook up cable in her new home the cable guy on the phone told her it sounded like a movie star name. “Like Milla Jovovich,” he said. So now she is officially Jennifer Mikacich.

Jennifer graduated from UCLA and deferred law school to do important work like serving strawberry pancakes as the IHOP waitress and performing in the long running “Fluffy Bunnies in a Field of Daisies” which was not about bunnies or daisies. She also spent many years doing Improv comedy at The Groundlings and studying with Jeffrey Tambor and performing in many comedy shows and shorts and short films with many friends who are now all famous.

Jennifer has also written and produced many hours of reality television. Because she is very organized and really likes to be in charge.

She recently has been telling her “You Know You Are a Perfect Mommy When…” stories at The Joker Comedy Night. She is both executive producer and host of the show at The Limelight in Sacramento.

Jennifer Mikacich is back in Los Angeles with her husband and two small children and planning a comeback at 45. You should really email her and tell her how pretty she looks.